FAQ: Will your CRG-15 grip work on an AR-10 or LR308 rifle?

Sparrow Dynamics
2 min readMar 12, 2018


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Yes. Our grip fits on LR308 or AR-10 sized lower receivers, but not what you would probably expect or hope for. It was designed to work best with small frame receivers like the AR-15.

You will not be able to wrap your thumb around the grip because there is not enough room between the grip and the 308 lower. If we did make a grip specifically for the 308 to be able to wrap your thumb around, you wouldn’t be able to reach the trigger very well (especially if you have shorter fingers).

So, you have the option to install our current grip and use the “cradle hold” with your thumb to the side. We believe this style of hold is much more comfortable with our grip on large-frame receivers than fin grips are. This is because more of your fingers can support the weight of the back of the rifle as opposed to all the weight being on your middle finger (but ergonomics are a personal preference, so what my work well for some may not work for others). If you are shooting bench or prone, this technique of not wrapping your thumb around the grip is often taught for more precision.

Some customers have sent us photos that love our grip even on their run-n-gun 308's.

Photo from one of our customers using our featureless grip on his 308.
Another photo from one of our customers using our featureless grip on his 308.

On the AR-15 platform (which is a smaller lower receiver), you can wrap your thumb around the grip as long as you have the space available shown highlighted in yellow below. ie. exposed buffer tube with a pinned adjustable stock.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!

Thanks, Sparrow Dynamics Team